Bee Inspired!

On The Bay Magazine

After graduating from Ontario College of Art and Design (now OCAD University), Martha Bull began painting in watercolour in 1983 and started teaching painting on canoe trips 12 years ago. Since 2011, she has shared The Mill Street Art studio in Creemore with fellow artists Sue Miller, Peter Adams and Jennifer Johnson.

“Painting en plein air with watercolour lends itself to both quick sketches in the field and sustained study in my studio during winter,” says Bull, adding that while she works and teaches in other media, she always comes back to watercolour, which offers unparalleled vibrancy because the white of the paper shines through. “Watercolour allows us to respond and develop an art practice that suits our different natures, whether one is a flamboyant colourist who enjoys abstract expressionism or a botanist seeking precision,” she notes.

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