I paint surrounded by the sounds and scents of Mulmur where I finally and happily live, and while wilderness camping in Ontario’s north.

The leaves, water and trees sing their songs as do the birds and insects. It is a rich and endless canvas for me. These “en plein air” (painting outside) snapshots sustain me through our long winters and encourage studio work, experimentation and in-depth studies when we are buried under snow.

Although watercolour is my medium, I also experiment with collage, ink, acrylic and oil painting and various printmaking techniques. Having an art studio, Mill Street Art Studio in Creemore, has awarded me many hours of happy art making and exploration that could not have unfolded at a kitchen table.


I teach as I paint… loose and free.

People incorrectly believe that watercolour is a tough medium to master, demanding and unforgiving. Right away I dispel that myth by giving new or seasoned watercolourists the experience of creating expressive and colourful paintings at their first sitting.

Watercolour has some advantages over other mediums. The paint has unparalleled vibrancy because the white of the paper shines through. The medium allows us to respond and develop an art practice that suits our different natures, whether you are a flamboyant colourist who enjoys abstract expressionism or a botanist seeking precision. My job is to identify a student’s strengths and push them in that direction.

I teach watercolour to students from beginners to advanced at The Bay School of Art in Collingwood and I teach group classes and privately at my studio, the Mill Street Art Studio in Creemore.

Contact me, I would love to talk to you.